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Can someone please

2010-05-30 22:55:19 by cky12qxz

Tell me the name of the songs in this movie


2010-02-27 09:54:07 by cky12qxz

...i herd u liek mudkipz


Give me ideas on type of music you like... genres that are in the NG selections!
I can make any! Just enter a genre you would like me to make for you!

Btw, here's my Youtube channel, i've got many videos..

This is for all the people who like my music...

What should I mainly make?

2010-01-16 13:19:05 by cky12qxz

Should I made ambient or drum and bass?

Audio Portal

2010-01-03 19:14:02 by cky12qxz

I'm going to start making musics :3